Reasons To Do A Boudoir Shoot

Have you ever considered doing a boudoir photography shoot? There are many reasons to do a boudoir shoot! There are empowering, they are a celebration of you and your beauty, and they can even be a spicy gift for your partner! Boudoir photography does not have to be only for brides. I think they are fun no matter what your relationship status might be!

When it comes to planning your wedding, finding the perfect wedding photographer you connect with is vital!  Not only are they one of the vendors you will spend the most time with on your wedding day, they will also be providing you with images to look back on your special day for a lifetime!  Once you’ve selected the perfect photographer that you connect with (both personality and artistic style), you may want to discuss the possibility of doing a bridal boudoir session with them.  It is one of my favorite services to provide my clients!  Here are my top 3 reasons why you should consider a bridal boudoir session before walking down the aisle! 

They are empowering!

When I say boudoir is one of my favorite sessions, I mean it.  Showing my clients how truly beautiful they are is one of my greatest passions in my job, and doing so in such an intimate setting is even more powerful.  As women, we are beautiful and strong and these images really celebrate that.  I always tell my clients that we can make these sessions whatever they want them be.  The word “boudoir” can be intimidating, but I’ve had women wear lingerie to an oversized sweatshirt and socks.  Sexy is whatever you want it to be!

To celebrate you!

A boudoir session is a great way to memorialize this time in your life.  As you prepare for your wedding day and upcoming marriage, you’ll want to remember this time in your life.  Imagine looking back on these images 10, 20, or 30 years from now and remembering the excitement you felt for your upcoming day.  

They are a great gift for your partner

Many of my brides use the opportunity of a bridal boudoir session to gift the images to their partner on wedding day.  It makes for another special moment between the couple on wedding day when they get to present this exciting and unexpected gift to their partner.  What better excuse to get these images printed than in a customized book to be able to look back on for a lifetime!

If you are considering a bridal boudoir, or regular boudoir, session I hope these tips helped finalize your decision.  At Colette Elyse Photography, we believe every story is unique and we love to tell your story are uniquely as you are!  If you would like more information regarding a boudoir session with us, please reach out!  We can’t wait to work with you!

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