Austin Engagement Photos

 Rose and Brooks wanted to do something a little more unique and personal for their Austin engagement photos. We decided to take their engagement photos in their neighborhood in East Austin. This is where the couple has spent their relationship falling in love, and now, getting engaged.  

Rose really wanted them to embody the East Austin aesthetic and culture.  An area that prioritizes the “Keep Austin Weird” mentality and is full of artists.  Deciding what to wear for your engagement photos can be a stressful planning point.  We decided to keep things casual and wore blue jeans paired with cowboy boots and hat to match.  

We set up a white sheet on an abandoned house next to theirs and started there.  With Willie Nelson playing in the background, we eased into their session by just allowing the two of them to get comfortable in front of the camera.  My photography style is real “in-the-moment”.  I want your images to feel like you and will give you a prompt versus a pose. This makes your images more authentic and feel more like you! I usually say that the weirder something sounds, usually the cuter the photos turn out.  Sometimes I will give a silly prompt to create those genuine smiles.  

My goal with every session is to make the experience as much fun as possible.  I understand how making someone feel comfortable and actually enjoying the process is as important.  I believe that photos are similar to music. Have you ever listened to a song and it brought you back in time to a memory? I believe that photos do the same thing. My goal is to make every session a memorable and positive experience.  

If you are recently engaged, be sure to reach out to book a session with me.  If you are needing more engagement photo inspo, be sure to check out all of my engagement blog posts for outfit and location ideas!

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