Film Photography Modern Bridals

For Melissa’s bridals, we captured her minimalist modern bridal look on film photography. More and more couples are looking to add film photography to their wedding day. Why you might ask? There is something so nostalgic, authentic, and classic about film photography that just cannot be fully replicated with digital photography. More on film photography to come!

A wedding day trend that I am seeing for 2023 and 2024 is the minimalist modern aesthetic. Touches of pearls, silk wedding dresses, and diamond-studded heels are some of my favorites! Melissa’s goal for her bridal portraits was to celebrate the city she lives in and loves: Austin, Texas. What is more classic Austin then it’s iconic South Congress Avenue. South Congress is filled with several landmarks, a view of the capital, as well as eating and shopping. I was thrilled to capture Melissa and her beauty with Austin as the backdrop.

These film photography modern bridals are some of favorite images to date! Melissa opted to shoot her bridal portraits on 35mm film. Film photography is something I am very passionate about and thrilled to be offering to all of my wedding couples as well as other photography clients. Film photography’s unique capture of color and light transforms an image. It also makes me feel like a kid again! I might be aging myself, but who remembers buying disposable cameras and dropping them off to be developed? You might not remember what every shot you took looks like. Getting your film back is almost as exciting as Christmas morning! The nostalgia and romance it brings to a session is one of my absolute favorite things!

At Colette Elyse Photography we truly believe that every couple deserves a story told as uniquely as they are. We offer candidly-charged imagery with true to life color that will make you want to re-live your wedding day over and over! Reach out to get in touch and hear more of our offerings for your wedding day! If you are looking for more wedding day inspiration you can also check out our other wedding day blog posts!

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