Top Engagement Photo Locations NYC

What better city in the world than New York City to take your engagement photos?  I am sharing the top engagement photo locations in NYC for your upcoming shoot. Molly and Chris absolutely love living in NYC and could not pick just one location for their engagement photos.  We decided we didn’t need to pick just one and picked three instead!  The variety of locations really allowed us to capture and tell their unique love story!  If you are planning your engagement session in the city that never sleeps, here are my top NYC engagement photo locations you should shoot at!  

Washington Square Park

Is there really anything more iconic than this park?  Well, maybe, as everything feels pretty iconic anywhere you go in New York!  The park is full of life, especially if you go during a gorgeous spring day like we did for Molly + Chris’ session.

For a bonus location, we walked down the road to the popular tourist stop, Joe’s Pizza to grab a slice on our way to our next stop.  Of course we have to snag some pics in their too.  

*For those who don’t know, this is where Peter Parker worked in the Toby McGuire version of Spider-man!

The West Village

Molly wanted to snag some pics in front of the stunning brownstones that you can find all around the West Village.  It’s crazy how just walking down a few blocks can make you feel like you are in a totally different city!  The West Village is where some of our favorite TV characters like the cast of Friends and Carrie Bradshaw reside.  

DUMBO, Brooklyn

For our next stop, we took the subway to Brooklyn to grab those iconic views of New York City!  Chris and Molly did a quick outfit change to match our new location. This location turned out to be some of my favorite images from our engagement session!

Park Slope:

For our final photos of the night, we went back to Chris and Molly’s neighborhood in Park Slope, Brooklyn to take some celebratory pictures of their engagement with champagne.  We played with flash photography, and to be honest they are some of my favorite from our session together!  They give me all the Gossip Girl vibes, and I AM HERE FOR IT!

If you are looking for more engagement photo inspiration be sure to check out my other blog posts. As a travel wedding photographer, I go wherever your love is. I would love to capture your unique love story! Reach out to get more information and to connect. I cannot wait to meet you!

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