Kauai Couples Beach Photos

Shooting couples in their element is my absolute jam! When Isabella and Jackson said that they wanted to have a shoot that reflected their fun, adventurous personalities I was all-in.  This sweet couple celebrated 3 years of marriage while living on the stunning garden island of Kauai.   They are originally from Alabama but have lived on the island for over a year.  They loved the laid-back lifestyle Kauai has to offer and are plugged in to the Keala Foundation, which is a non-profit organization plugging into the youth and drug prevention on the island.   

If you have never been to Kauai I highly recommend!! It is my favorite island of Hawaii and it is aptly named the garden island due to the lush greenery everywhere.  This island feels less touristy than Oahu and gives you are true authentic island experience.  The beaches are breath-taking and you truly cannot go wrong anywhere on the island.  I cannot recommend it enough!

We started our session together near Hanalei Bay on the North Shore of the island.  They brought their boards and we started out taking some snaps of them skating around.  I was so excited when Isabella showed me her PINK skateboard.  I am obsessed with all things pink and it was just such a vibe for the shoot!!

Once we were done skating around the neighborhood, we headed down to the beach to catch the sunset.  The beach had a gorgeous haze over the mountains and it really elevated their images.  We played around in the water and ended the night with some fun flash photography!!

If you are on the fence of what to do for your session, I always love collaborating on ideas with my couples! These images should represent you and your unique love.  Whatever makes you YOU is what I love finding and capturing with my couples.  Be sure to reach out so we can make your vision come to life! I’d love to capture your story.

I hope you enjoyed this fun session as much as I loved shooting it! I have other blog posts for inspiration for your wedding day, engagement shoot, or couples session!

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